1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air AIR IV D/Stock

Vehicle Details


400 CI

  • Trans


  • Color


  • Interior



$300,000 - $500,000


  • Factory-Backed Race Car

  • GTO Judge Ram Air IV Arnie 'The Farmer' Beswick D/Stock

  • Factory built Ram Air IV 4 speed Judge with documentation

  • Authenticated & signed by Arnie Beswick

  • Believed to be 1700 original miles

  • 400 CI V-8 Ram Air IV engine

  • Muncie close ratio 4-speed manual transmission

  • Carousel Red exterior

  • Black interior

  • Graphics & lettering by Dick Scully

  • Blacked out grille

  • Radio delete

  • Retractable headlamp covers

  • Safe T track rear end

  • American racing wheels

  • Firestone tires

  • Restoration photos and memorabilia

  • PHS documentation

  • This car was used to promote Pontiac's new Judge car line

Here came the Judge and a Farmer who could plow them under with it. One of just more than 300 built, any 1969 Pontiac Ram Air IV GTO Judge is special because of its limited production and collector desirability, but this one is more significant as it’s the car raced in sanctioned competition under the ownership of Arnie Beswick. Beswick was best known for his nitromethane-burning funny cars, but in the late ‘60s, many stars from that class were also involved in drag racing stock cars as well, even when they assigned other racers to drive them. This car is technically a factory-built drag-race car with PHS documentation, and it has been autographed by Beswick himself. In 1969, the 400 CI V-8 Ram Air IV engine was rated at 370 HP, but it was a big leap in cost at $389 more than the 366 HP RA III model. With special heads and valve gear, it was the most powerful engine from Pontiac offered at this displacement. An M21 Muncie close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission transfers power to a Safe-T-Track rear end with optional factory gearing installed behind it. First available early in the 1969 calendar year, this Judge features the Carousel Red exterior with both factory graphics and wild original lettering and airbrush work applied by Dick Scully. Showing 1,740 original miles, it was campaigned under Beswick’s moniker via the Chicagoland Pontiac Dealer’s Association to promote this exciting model release. Of course, a blacked-out grille and retractable headlamp covers added to the mystique. Delivered new at Frank Shaver Pontiac in Hammond, Indiana, this car has a black interior, factory radio-delete and Hurst floor shift. Period changes included American racing wheels, Firestone drag tires, aftermarket gauges and the crazy paint. Offered with its PHS documents and the associated racing and restoration photos and memorabilia, this is a Judge you can make a ruling on.