Thank you for helping us with the Block Chaser Auction Challenge. While we have big plans, this is a very simple beta test. Keep in mind that the experience is basic and utilitarian as we validate specific variables.  Just have fun and maybe win something… good luck!

Instructions: You will be guided through the process. Pick five from the ten pre-selected vehicles for each day. This is a two-day challenge with Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach auction, so you will pick five cars for Friday and five cars for Saturday. Each vehicle page has buttons to move to the next and previous vehicle. You may want to scroll though all ten and then make choices on which five to make a prediction on. In the event that you make predictions on more than five, we will use the first five submitted.

As you scroll through the pages for each vehicle, you have the option to visit for more details on the vehicle. For the vehicles you choose to make a prediction on, enter your name and prediction in the form below the vehicle’s picture.

Important Notes

Deadline: Prediction submission deadline is Friday, April 12 at 8am ET for both auction days.

Prices: The final sale price used for this game is the hammer price, plus the buyer’s premium/auction house commission. This premium/commission is 10% in addition to the hammer price. On live stream or live TV, you will see the hammer price. On Barrett-Jackson’s website and in nearly all media, you will see the price including the premium/commission. It is advised that you add 10% to your predictions.

Reserve: Short of some six or seven-figure valued vehicles on the docket, Barrett-Jackson is primarily a no reserve auction. All of the vehicles in this game are no reserve. They will sell!

Scoring: Scoring is based on predictions made within a percentage of the hammer price including the buyer’s premium. Final sales numbers are validated using what Barrett-Jackson publishes on their website. Prediction percentages can be under or over the final sales price with the buyers premium. Scoring is as follows:

For each of the five daily predictions:

Within +/- 5% = 25 points

Within +/- 10% = 15 points

Within +/- 20% = 10 points

Within +/- 30% = 5 points

Maximum points = 125 per day and 250 points for both days

In the event of a tie, the tie-breaking winner will be decided by the total hammer price including the buyer’s premium of all five cars for that day. In the event of a two-day tie, it will be the total of both days.



1st Place: $25 gift card to the Barrett-Jackson shop (each day)


1st Place: $100 gift card to the Barrett-Jackson shop

2nd Place: $50 gift card to the Barrett-Jackson shop

3rd Place: $20 gift card to the Barrett-Jackson shop