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22 Collector Car Auction Houses You Should Know About

By Joe Davidson

2018 Collector Cars Consigned in US

Collector car actions are a special breed in variety of auctions from auto wholesale, to surplus equipment, to art, antique and other collectible auctions. They are more closely related to art and antique auctions than auto wholesale auctions. Some are timed online auctions and others are live event auctions. You can bid in-person, on the phone, online or via absentee bidding forms, although each auction house likely offers only two to three of these options. 

Finding the vehicle can take some patience and a little help from Block Chaser. Determining the right auction to consign a car with can prove much more challenging. With so many variables to consider, our team of experts can assist. But for high-level overview, here are... MORE


My Eight Tips on Buying at Auction

By Andy Reid

Whether online or in-person at a live event, auctions are exciting. If you are like most people, you have been thinking about your next (or first) collector car purchase for a long time. You have a budget and know what you want.

From the chase to ownership, buying at auction can be a great experience if you do it well or a nightmare if you do not.  This is a primer on how to buy a car at auction properly; meaning buying a car you actually want, for the best possible price. After owning over 150 collector cars, here are eight of my hard-and-fast rules...  MORE